Simply put, marketing is the continual process of building relationships with individuals or companies who want what you have or what can do for them. Why? So you can make more money and increase your profits.

We build relationships in life and in business in similar ways – on the basis of attraction, likeability, trust, mutual desire and mutual satisfaction. As time goes by, we repeat this cycle, starting with small steps, and gradually increasing the intensity of each of these factors. That’s why it’s easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one. They already know, like and trust you and if you have what they want, they’d rather buy it from you. They prefer it that way. If you offer a great product/service and make every effort to ensure your customer is satisfied and you continually create products or services around their needs and desires, you will have customers for life.

You first need to understand what good marketing is all about – to embrace it and then you can begin to profit from it. By building your own solid foundation and  confidently knowing: ‘who we are’, ‘what we do’, ‘what our customers really want’, ‘who we serve’, ‘why we do it’, and ‘why we are unique’ (in the minds of your customers), all your future efforts will be a lot easier.

Once you fully grasp the basics and work through the process of creating and builidng your own finely tuned marketing foundation, you can move forward and begin developing a custom tailored marketing strategy and plan for your business.

More on this soon….