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Why Hire an Internet Marketing Firm?

If you want better results from your website, you need to work with an internet marketing specialist. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the Internet, Marketing and real world Business and how they all tie in together.

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Building Trust: What Marketing is All About Part 4

People prefer doing business with those they know, like and trust. If that's the case, and most new business comes from perfect strangers, how is anyone ever supposed to get to know you, let alone like you and trust you? Seems like a conundrum but there is a solution...

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Knowing Your Niche: What marketing is all about Part 2

To learn more about the definition of marketing and different marketing models like the 4 P's, the SIVA model and so on, pick up a text book or check Wikipedia. I'm pretty sure though it won't help you sell anything to anyone. But simply by figuring out what people...

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What marketing is all about – Part 1

Simply put, marketing is the continual process of building relationships with individuals or companies who want what you have or what can do for them. Why? So you can make more money and increase your profits. We build relationships in life and in business in similar...

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Internet Marketing for Canadian Small Businesses

Welcome to WebMarketing.ca - the blog for Canadian small business owners who want to learn more about marketing their companies online. We'll be talking about age-old marketing principles and brand new internet marketing systems, strategies and tactics that work to...

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