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The Benefits of Selling Online

E-commerce is more than just selling your products on the internet, it’s about building a long-term relationship with a customer through effective marketing. It’s about serving their needs better, smarter, faster, and in a more appealing way than your competition. Keep a customer happy through better service, make them feel special and important and they will rather do more business with you than anyone else.

With the right approach, the right marketing and the right technology, you can turn a website visitor into a life-long customer, one who buys more than just once, one who refers more business your way, and one who adds profit to your bottom line year after year.

What are the major benefits and advantages of e-commerce?

Greater Reach Increases Sales

If you run a physical store or even a nationwide franchise of stores, e-commerce can help you reach a wider geographic base of customers interested and eager to buy your products. Not everyone lives in a reasonable driving distance to your location. Not everyone wants to or prefers to physically shop at your store. Reaching a national or even global market can mean exponentially more sales for your business.

24/7 Shopping

One of the greatest virtues of e-commerce is that it runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This allows people to purchase products any time day or night, who normally wouldn’t be able to buy at your shop as often as they would like. Or they may prefer to shop from home or from the office. E-com meets their needs and enables you to make more sales than traditional business hours and physical locations could ever offer.

Increase Analysis & Control

See what sells best, what makes the most profit, what promotions work best all through your advanced e-commerce system. Integration with accounting systems allows for much better control, reduced errors and lower administration costs overall.

Increase Upselling

Another great virtue of e-commerce and doing business through your website and email is that you can effectively sell more products to a customer at one point in time. You know the famous phrase “you want fries with that?” – that’s an upsell. When someone wants to purchase a product or service on your site, we can program your site to show them complementary products or services that go well with the product they’ve chosen. You can also offer specialized discounts for ordering multiple units, which for many products works very well. You’ve instantly and easily just added more profit to your bottom line.

Adds Credibility

The fact that your business operates on the internet and can not only show but sell all its products online, adds credibility to your business. In the customers mind, it shows you as a progressive, competitive and worthy company to do business with

Truly, the list can go on but we hope you get the picture that there are so many benefits to e-commerce, the only question now is, will you let us help you build your business online?

Lower Costs Increase Profit

There are several ways e-commerce can help reduce your costs, which lead to more profit.

  • In a store/business/office one staff member can only help one customer at a time. E-commerce can handle hundreds, even thousands of customers at one time
  • Reduced transaction cost – without personal interaction, the transaction happens without draining your resources
  • Less Training of employees/sales staff required and no turnover either
  • Reduced Labor overall – shipping calculations and preparations are automatic, documentation is handled electronically, consolidation and reconciliation
  • Reduced Service and Support Costs – using online help files or FAQs can often eliminate the need for a customer to call and take up your time for help
  • Reduced processing errors and more

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