People prefer doing business with those they know, like and trust. If that’s the case, and most new business comes from perfect strangers, how is anyone ever supposed to get to know you, let alone like you and trust you? Seems like a conundrum but there is a solution and this post is all about trust – why it’s important and how to establish it early in the game.

The first thing you need is trust in your own marketing foundation and your supporting marketing activities. The second thing you need is patience, which comes a lot more easily when you trust that your marketing works.

Understand that you should plan on building trust over time. There are ways you can start off on the right foot but it doesn’t end there – it’s a journey of many steps and each one builds on the last.

Your website is an incredible way to start building trust by providing rich, informative and helpful content to your visitors. Your About Us page, Testimonials, Case Studies – all critical pieces of the puzzle. But where are you likely to build the most trust over time? Helpful information that addresses your prospects’ needs:

  • Articles,
  • Reports,
  • Blogs,
  • White Papers,
  • Audio or Video reports, and
  • Newsletters/eZines

If you take the time to carefully prepare information that your target market needs – information that will enlighten them and help them – you’re on the road to establishing and building trust before they ever get to meet you. They will learn firsthand the type of company or person they’re dealing with. They will learn over time that you’re here to help them, you’re here to stay and if your content is interesting, engaging and full of personality, they may even grow to like you!