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Effectively Communicating Your Company’s Core Message

What we’ve observed over the past 19 years, is that it’s always the clients who have worked on, or are willing to work on their Core Marketing, that get the best results from their websites and internet marketing. So, what is core marketing?

Core Marketing is the work you do on your own company before you start actively promoting it to the world. Or, it’s what you do when you realize your efforts are falling short and you need to go back to square 1.

You decide in advance how you want to be known by your market. You dig deep and come to understand your customers and their needs, as well as the ultimate and unique value you add in the marketplace. And then you begin to develop a foundation on which all your marketing rests safely and securely.

If you want to improve your website’s results, you will need to start at the beginning and determine if your marketing and thus your website answers the following questions for your ideal customer:

  • What’s in it for Me?
  • Do you know me and understand me?
  • Do you know what my problem is?
  • Do you have a solution to my problem or need?
  • Do you have what I want?
  • Who the heck are You? and Why should I trust you?
  • Do you have any proof?
  • Is there any risk?

By answering these questions for your potential customers with well-written web-copy (the text/content on your website’s pages) you will increase your chances of generating the results you want and achieving the goals you set out to accomplish. To answer these questions in the first place, is to work on your Core Marketing.

The main product of building a core marketing foundation is a Core Marketing Message or you may also know it as a Positioning Statement – a message that clearly states:

  • Who you serve,
  • What problems your company and/or products solve,
  • What special assistance you provide to your customers,
  • What is unique and special about your particular company that differentiates you from the crowd.

It’s amazing how much this makes a difference!


Creating this message is as much for you as it is for your target market. When you are clear on who your company is, who it serves, how you’ve helped others, and what makes your solution (or your way of doing business) different, you are building a strong foundation for the rest of your marketing. You can always come back to your Core Marketing Message (aka positioning) and redo any marketing pieces (web pages, promotional materials, etc) as well as your Social Media, to ensure they will connect with your market and stay with you long enough to really establish some trust.

Once you have a modicum of their trust, they will be willing and interested to learn more about you and your solutions.

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