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A CMS is a website that allows its owner and any staff member to update its content without needing any sophisticated or complex training in web design or development. If the person can use webmail, like hotmail or gmail, they can most likely learn to update their CMS website.

This provides many benefits to the company that intends to do frequent website updates, changes and additions. Most importantly, they don’t have to rely on an outside party to do it for them. In addition, they don’t have to pay every single time they want an update.

The drawback is that the initial investment and setup adds thousands of dollars  to the cost of a regular website. Also worth noting, is that although standard and relatively simple pages can be added and edited to the site, a web designer might still be needed to assist in creating pages with more complex layouts, formatting or programming.


Enter JuiceBox – our proprietary content management system!

Let us build your website or rebuild your site using our CMS.

Custom Content Management

JuiceBox! Our proprietary Content Management System – robust, secure, flexible, easy to use!

WordPress Blog Design

WordPress is the best blogging platform out there, let us make it better, faster & more secure!

E-Commerce Development

Secure, efficient, robust online selling solutions. Nothing beats automated online selling!

Mobile Friendly Websites

Responsive, flexible, easy to use mobile websites are needed today more than ever. Don’t wait!

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