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Why is Blogging Important?

We find it amazing how quickly a web-world word becomes part of everyday vernacular. Almost everyone today knows what a blog is and they even enjoy reading a few on a regular basis. A few years ago, we knew of the importance and value in blogging but it was hard to convince a client that they should integrate a blog into their website (whether it was a lead generating website or an e-commerce website). It was just seen as more work that they couldn’t handle, so they ignored the trend. Only to find out later, that their brand new competition was wooing and converting a fair portion of the market, with their blog.

Fast forward to today, blogging is practically mandatory and it’s not just because everyone else is doing it!

Blogs Draw In More Visitors & Boost Your SEO Efforts

Blogs draw in website traffic. The more posts you write, the more indexed pages you have in search engines. Combine that with  the social media promotion of your posts, and you have a new way to bring in potential customers. Who doesn’t want more traffic? The qualified and interested type of traffic.

Inform, Educate & Engage

The content you produce for blog posts should inform, educate and engage your visitors. When you blog the right way, you support visitors with need-to-know information that they’re searching for. When your content educates visitors, you provide value and when you do that, your visitors begin to trust you and even like you! When they like you and trust you, they prefer to buy from you.

Blogs Humanize Your Brand

Your website may be a compelling, product-driven corporate site or an e-commerce site – or it may just be a simple brochure. What we’ve noticed is that many companies’ websites don’t stand out much because they don’t want to keep things professional. For some people, that can feel cold, inhuman and even stiff. When you blog the right way, you will give your company a human edge, a personality and will connect more easily with your target market.

Blogs Establish Your Credibility & Expertise

The more you write compelling and informative content that readers like and share, the more you grow your market’s perception of you or your company as credible, leading experts in your field. People prefer dealing with credible experts who have a following. It gives them peace of mind.

Blogs Generate Results Long After You Post

As you fill your blog with valuable and engaging posts over time, you’re creating a whole library of opportunities to be found in the search engines, long after you’ve written the post. Imagine writing a post today that generates interest a couple of years from now and that one visit could result in a life-long customer all because you provided value. Blogging is like planting perennial seeds in a garden – they keep coming back year after year!

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