All to often when people are asked what they do – or when companies plan and build websites, they spend most of their time talking about themselves and their products. They have no direct and succinct way of communicating with their prospects and they lose their interest quickly. Don’t make your prospects work hard to find out who you serve, what valuable benefits you really offer and why they should be happy they found you. People are impatient and lose interest faster than you think. So how do you sustain their interest long enough to make the light bulb go off in their heads and answer their most important question – “What’s In It For Me?”

The answer is in a carefully crafted Marketing Message: it’s more than a Value Proposition or USP – it’s the message you need to continually and consistently communicate to your prospects and clients. The marketing message consists of four specific parts:

  • Who you serve (who are your ideal clients/customers) – PROSPECT
  • Why they need your product or service – PROBLEM/CHALLENGE
  • What results they can expect – SOLUTION/BENEFITS
  • Examples of Past Success – PROOF

When you tailor a rich but succinct marketing message that contains the elements above, you’ll attract and sustain the interest of the prospects who need what you can do for them. They’ll be engaged and more open to learning more. Though you’ve spent much time preparing your marketing message and foundation, from your prospect’s point of view, this is where things start. Make it count!