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What's All the Buzz About?

Building a Community to Expand Your Reach

It is possible to build a business on ‘search marketing’ alone (organic SEO and PPC advertising) but why stop there? Once you’ve proven that your website converts, and you’ve earned a positive ROI, you can begin considering alternative methods of internet marketing.

At, we develop alternative sources of traffic through social and viral networking: also known as social media marketing. This is what people are referring to when you hear them talk about Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 is all about interaction between you and your audience – as well as between members of your audience and each other. It is about using social networks to foster a community of loyal customers. Examples of social networks include Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo Groups, and many others,  all focused on giving your audience the ability to read, comment on, bookmark and rank content, as well as, connect and communicate with each other.

Let us illustrate with an example:

Company X publishes interesting and informative posts on its blog on a regular basis;

  • They post links to helpful websites or tools their audience can use;
  • They write about their company and its team in a personal way, making their audience feel like part of a community;
  • They share their expertise on important matters;
  • They comment on other blogs regularly and offer tips and advice to a variety of niche communities;
  • They get hundreds of people commenting on their blog and they always respond back, showing their enthusiasm for personal service; plus,
  • They have a Facebook page and ask everyone who’s commented on their blog to become a ‘friend’;
  • They post regular updates on their ‘wall’ and have created a ‘Group’ for a segment of their customers to share tips and info with each other and they are attracting hundreds of more ‘friends’ from people who never read the blog but have heard so much buzz about them that they are considering switching service providers;
  • They create quarterly ‘Events’ to promote free, interactive webinars, where they give a helpful presentation on an interesting and valuable topic, and they invite questions from the audience; plus,
  • They also have a LinkedIn profile with several hundred connections to business owners throughout Canada;
  • They regularly ‘answer questions’ relating to their business and have invited more than a handful of them to write guest posts on their blog and vice versa, thus expanding their reach even further.


This fictitious scenario could go on and include the use of Twitter, Instagram and dozens of other social media channels. The result is a seemingly endless viral expansion where this business could potentially reach thousands of people who probably would have never stumbled upon his website through traditional search marketing.

It takes a special kind of company to make social media marketing work for them. Most business owners to date are a bit too traditional for this kind of approach. In addition, though most social media and network marketing is free, it requires a significant investment of time and energy.

Social media tools can help add a real face and human touch to marketing on the web. Let us help you manage your social media activities.

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