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Getting Found In The Top Search Engines

Why is search engine traffic the kind of traffic you want?

The traffic you receive from search engines is already highly targeted. Visitors arriving at your site from search engines have entered a keyword or phrase relevant to your site, so they are already interested in your product or service, otherwise they wouldn’t be searching for it.

Every day people are out there searching for solutions to their problems or ways to improve themselves or their businesses. People are always searching for something, 24 hours a day – every day there are people online searching for the “stuff” they need and want or wish to learn about. Search engines are one of the best sources of potential customers you can have. Search engines are the number one way users find new sites. Surveys show that over 85% of users rely on search engines to locate information on the Web.

If you optimize your site to rank highly and build your presence online, the traffic will come. The question next is, “Will your website be effective enough to make the sale, grab the contact information you need, or provide the service you want it to?”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long term effort and should be built in to the ongoing development and expansion of your website. Even if you do everything by the book, it can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to see an improvement in your rankings.

There are no secret tactics to use that will ethically and legitimately get your site ranked highly for your desired keywords. There are a variety of tactics that if used, will get your site banned completely from the search engines. So be careful to adhere to the principles and tactics described in this module.


White Hat SEO – ethical and approved practices to help increase search engine friendliness. The results tend to last for a long period of time with steady and ongoing efforts.

Black Hat SEO – unethical and deceptive practices used to temporarily gain high search engine rankings. Once the search engine becomes aware of the tactics used, the site in question will most likely be removed or banned from the search engine results.


We only offer Search Engine Approved, White Hat, long term strategies and tactics for our clients, and we’re really good at it!

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