To learn more about the definition of marketing and different marketing models like the 4 P’s, the SIVA model and so on, pick up a text book or check Wikipedia. I’m pretty sure though it won’t help you sell anything to anyone. But simply by figuring out what people need and why they want it, will get you a lot further.

Part 2 of What Marketing is All About concerns the most important part of the marketing equation – your customers & potential customers. By isolating, defining and understanding your customer base or target market or niche in deep & rich detail, you can build a marketing foundation that will support your business. You must make every effort to know who they are:

  • What drives them?
  • What are their needs?
  • What do they want? (this is different from need)
  • Uncover their hidden psychological motivators and;
  • Learn WHY DO THEY BUY?

One of the best ways to find these answers is simply to ask them. But don’t take their initial answers at face value. People will give you all the logical rational reasons why they buy (or pay for services) and they’ll leave out the real, underlying psychological reasons that propelled them to buy. Much of the time they’re not even fully aware of it but you should do your best to understand them more than they know themselves.

Knowing your niche gives you a lot of power. I’m not saying to use this power to manipulate or irreverently persuade them to buy your products or services. Quite the contrary. I’m saying this so you can become the company they’ve been waiting for. The company they feel great about doing business with. The company that makes them feel they made a smart choice.

How? By understanding and responding to their needs and how they really want to be treated, you can build your business to the highest level of excellence. You can create products they’ll devour. You can provide services and do it in ways that they’ll rave about. It’s a win-win.

And if you keep asking them what they want you’ll realize it’s worth it to find ways to give it to them and then you’ll have what every business owner wants – a sustainable and growing business filled with your ideal customers and clients.